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Optima Eyewear & Optometry is one of the few clinics in Airdrie and Calgary area that provides full-circle contact lens services, from fitting to training and ordering specific lenses.


What patients can expect when coming to the clinic looking for contact lenses:

1. First-Time Contact Lens Wearers

  • Initial Exam: The patient will need a comprehensive eye exam and a contact lens fitting. Both procedures are a single visit. Learn more about our Comprehensive Eye Exams.
  • Training: Training is a two-visit process lasting about 30 minutes each. The patient pays for the first visit only. During the first visit, an optical assistant will educate the patient about inserting and removing lenses and how to care for them. Note: If, during the first visit, the patient inserted and removed lenses at least three times, the second visit is not required. Training may be done on the same day as the exam, depending on the clinic’s availability.
  • Follow-Up: After training, the patient visits the doctor in 1-2 weeks to finalize the prescription. Once finalized, our optical assistant will order a trial set of contact lenses for the patient.
  • Ordering Lenses: After the patient has used all trial lenses, our optical assistant will order the contact lenses required by the doctor’s prescription.


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2. Regular Contact Lens Wearers

  • New Prescription: If the patient’s latest prescription is older than one year, they need a new comprehensive eye exam and contact lens fitting. The doctor has to confirm that the patient’s eye health remains the same while wearing contact lenses.

Note: This rule is mandatory by the Alberta Association of Optometrists. Clinics can’t order contact lenses for patients if their prescription is older than one year.

  • Valid Prescription: If the patient’s prescription is less than one year old, our optical assistants can order contact lenses following the prescription.

Note: Clinics are allowed to order only the amount of contact lenses enough until the current prescription expires.

Prescription must be for contact lenses, not spectacle lenses.

Why Choose Optima Eyewear & Optometry for Contact Lens Services?

  1. We provide full-circle and personalized contact lens services, ensuring comfort and satisfaction.
  2. Our experienced optical assistants offer thorough training to help first-time users adapt quickly.
  3. We facilitate easy reordering for regular users of contact lenses with valid prescriptions.

Contact Lenses Available at Optima Eyewear & Optometry

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