How To Check Coverage


Not always do we, as customers, get complete information about our insurance package or its limitations. It’s good to know your coverage amount, but also questions like “When will my coverage renew?“, “Am I covered for all kinds of lenses?“, “Is my eye exam coverage separate from glasses coverage?“, and “Does my coverage work for my kids and spouse?” are important to have answered when visiting the clinic.

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So, How Can I Check If I’m Covered?

  • Contact Your Insurance Company: This is a sure way, but be prepared for potential long wait times on the phone or delayed email replies.
  • Contact Your Employer: Every employer has a manager or HR representative with the necessary information and can provide answers about your coverage.
  • Use Your Insurance Smartphone App: This is the most convenient method. Most insurance companies have applications for smartphones where you can find information under the “Coverage” or “Plan Details” menu. Look for “Vision Care” to see what services you can claim and the coverage amounts available.

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