Seniors & Kids

At Optima Eyewear & Optometry, we cater to the unique vision needs of seniors and children with specialized eye exams designed to ensure optimal eye health at every stage of life.

Our senior and kid’s eye exams follow the same thorough process as our regular comprehensive eye exams, with a few additional benefits tailored to these age groups.

What to Expect During Your Senior's & Kid's Eye Exam?

1. Go through quick pre-testing with one of our optician assistants.
2. See our doctors for a prescription check and detailed eye health evaluation.
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Alberta Health Care Coverage

  • Children up to age 19 and Seniors starting at age 65: covered by Alberta Health Care services for one comprehensive eye exam per year. Coverage resets every July 1st.
  • Low-income Seniors can receive $230 coverage for prescription glasses every three years. Our special package ensures frames and lenses fit within this coverage.

Get Exclusive Benefits at Optima Eyewear & Optometry

Our 1-year extended warranty includes free lens replacements if your prescription changes, which is especially beneficial for seniors and kids who may experience vision changes often.


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Why Choose Optima Eyewear & Optometry for Kids' Exams?

  1. Our doctors and clinic staff are trained and experienced in assessing younger children, making them feel comfortable and at ease.
  2. We use the latest equipment for myopia control, addressing this common issue in children’s eye health with precision and care.

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